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This page was born out of this[[1]] thread in the talkbass forums. 
It is far from being a comprehensive resource. 
There is also no guarantee that any info (web links, prices, etc.) is still up to date. 


Carbon Fiber bows

Arcus - Made in Germany. [[2]]

  • Veloce - Piratinera, Nickel Silver €900
  • Sinfonia - Ebony, Sterling Silver €1600
  • Concerto - Snakewood, Sterling Silver €2500

French and German models available for all types.

Codabow - Made in Minnesota, USA. [[3]]

  • Revelation - Ebony, Sterling Silver
  • Infinity - Xebony ™ Engineered Ebony, Nickel Silver
  • Metropolitan (codesigned by David Gage) [[4]]

French and German models available for all types.

Carbow - Made in France. [[5]]

French model

  • Carbow model 2003 - ebony or snakewood
  • Carbow model 2005 - ebony or snakewood
  • Jean Grunberger model - ebony
  • Fetique Copy - ebony
  • Roberson's model - snakewood
  • Lemur model - ebony

German models

  • Ebène model - ebony
  • Amourette model - snakewood
  • Gary Karr model (Jean Grunberger design)

Finale [[6]]

House brand carbon fiber bow sold by String Emporium. Available in French and German models. $340 case and rosin included.

Lemur Sunrise Carbon Fiber bows [[7]]

House brand carbon fiber bow sold by Lemur Music. Available in 1/4, 1/2 and full size French and German models. $179

Shop Branded and other Workshop Bows

Shop Branded

These bows are sold under the retailer's brand, but are produced off-site (usually imported workshop bows). A wide range of quality of materials and workmanship may exist. A few examples are -

  • String Emporium- Brazilwood ($130) and Pernambuco ($950) bows available in 3 models: French - Tourte and Charles Peccatte models and German - H.R. Pfretzschner model. Bows include fiberglass case and rosin.
  • Claude Marchand - House stamp sold by Martin. Pernambuco bows with silver fittings. French and German models available. (around $1800)
  • Upton Bass- Brazilwood ($259) Brazilwood Select ($550) and Pernambuco ($1800) bows available in French and German models.
  • Lemur Sunrise - Brazilwood ($236), Bignoia wood ($279), Pernambuco ($399), and Snakewood ($699) bows available in French and German models. 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 sized models are available for Brazilwood bows.


These bows are sold under the workshop's brand. Bows from one workshop may range in quality-the quality of the stick is sometimes indicated by the number of stars on the brand (common for German workshops). The name on the stamp is usually the founder or current head of the workshop. A few examples are -


  • Arcos Brazil [8]
  • Marco Raposo, BRAZIL [9]


  • Dorfler/ Doerfler?
  • Roderich Paesold [10]
  • Hartmut Knoll/Knoll family [11]
  • Jens Paulus/Paulus family [12]
  • H. Richard Pfretzschner/ Pfretzschner family h.r.pfretzschner@t-online.de [13]
  • Horst Schicker
  • Herbert Wanka [14]
  • K. Gerhard - Roland G. Penzel/Penzel family [15]
  • Seifert


  • Ary

Contemporary bass bow makers

Prices and price ranges are approximate and in US Dollars. Prices apply to the makers' standard offerings - ie. Silver or Nickel Silver (not for special materials - Gold, ivory or tortoise shell etc.) Some of this list is organized roughly into price ranges to simplify research.

Any prices have been gathered from various websites, word of mouth or other means and may no longer be accurate. Contact the makers or dealers directly for current prices.







6k and over

Price range unknown

Recently Deceased

Successful bow makers who passed away in the last 25 years or so. Their bows in the last half century are much sought after.

  • Percival Wilfred Bryant, UK (1902-1994)
  • Arthur R. Bultitude, UK (1908-1990)
  • Joseph Kun, Ottawa, CANADA (1930-1996)
  • Giovanni Lucchi, ITALY (1942-2012) http://www.lucchicremona.com/

Competitions and Awards

Violin Society of America (VSA) competition [[16]]

Bows are judged on workmanship. [[17]]

The following is a list of Gold medals awarded for bass bows by year (no gold medals awarded in years not listed) -

1978 Joseph Kun, Paul Martin Siefried

1980 Paul Martin Siefried

1982 Joseph Kun

1986 Jean Grunberger

1994 Rodney D. Mohr

1996 David Forbes, Rodney D. Mohr

2000 Pierre-Yves Fuchs

2004 Pierre-Yves Fuchs, Rodney D. Mohr

2010 Christophe Collinet

2012 Emmanuel Carlier, Susan Lipkins

2014 Emmanuel Begin & Eric Fournier, Susan Lipkins

Concours Etienne Vatelot[[18]]

Awards in the Bass Bow Catagory


  • Grand Prize: Jean Marc PANHALEUX (France)
  • 2d Prize: Jean GRUNBERGER (France)
  • 3rd Prize: Jean Jacques AUGAGNEUR (France)


  • Grand Prize of the City of Paris : Jean GRUNBERGER (France)
  • Second Prize : Sylvain BIGOT (France)
  • Third Prize : Rodney D. MOHR (United States)


  • Grand Prize of the city of Paris: Pierre-Yves Fuchs
  • Certificat of merit: Bernd-Michael DÖLLING Germany
  • Certificat of merit: Katia LOUIS France
  • Certificat of merit for contemporary design: Boris FRITSCH France
  • Certificat of merit for contemporary design: Christophe COLLINET France


  • Second Prize, Boris Fritsch

International Society of Bassists (ISB) [[19]]

Awards in the Bow Catagory (only two convention years)


Six French bows, three German bows entered

Certificate of Workmanship:

  • Eric Lane, French Bow
  • Eric Lane, German Bow

Silver Medal for Workmanship

  • Thomas Dignan, French Bow
  • Susan Lipkins, French Bow

Gold Medal for Workmanship

  • Thomas Dignan, German Bow


Two bows entered

Certificate of Workmanship

  • Steven Reiley
  • Gilles DuHaut

Convention Favorite Honorable Mention

  • Gilles DuHaut

Convention Favorite

  • Steven Reiley

Historical bass bow makers


Francois Xavier Tourte (1747-1835) - Father of the modern bow who, after much experimentation, determined pernambuco wood to be best for use in bows because it had the right qualities of strength and flexibility and could be heated and bent (cambered) without breaking. Although not known for making bass bows, he produced at least one bass bow. This bow, probably made in 1824, was auctioned on June 1st, 2000 for $69,953. [[20]] The designs of the frog and head closely resemble Tourte's cello bows. The bow is 165 grams. It is in a museum collection owned by the French government.

Nicolas Maline(1822-1877) [[21]]

Francois Voirin (1833-1885)

Charles Peccatte (1850-1920)

Alfred Joseph Lamy (1850-1919)

Vigneron Family

Joseph Arthur (1851-1905)

Andre (1881-1924)

Eugene Sartory (1871-1946)

Louis Gillet (1891-1970)

Bazin Family

Charles Nicolas II -C.N. (1847-1915)

Charles Louis - Louis (1881-1953)

Charles Alfred - Charles (1907-1987)

Claude Thomassin (1870-1942)

Fetique Family

Victor (1872-1933)

Jules (1875-1951)

Ouchard Family

Emile Francois -Francois (1872-1951 or 1934)

Emile August - E.A. ( 1900 -1969 )

Bernard (1925 - 1981)

Andre George Richaume (1905-1966)

Louis Morizot (1874-1957)

Marcel Lapierre (1907-1979)


Dodd Family (circa 1700-1800)

James Tubbs (1835-1919 or 1921)

Percival Wilfred Bryant (1902-1994)

Arthur Bultitude (1908-1990)


Pfretzschner Family

Albert Nurnberger

Dölling Family (since 1898)

Ludwig Otto- Otto (1878-1966)

Kurt (1902-1952)

Heinz Otto - Heinz (1913-2001)

Bernd (b. 1942)

Michael (b. 1968)

Otto Hoyer


Westbury Park Strings Dictionary of Famous Bow Makers [[22]]


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